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Nature's Bounty

13 months, 0 to 200000000 sales miracle

It is the top global brand in dietary supplements. It was founded in New York of USA in 1971 and came into Chinese market in 2006. For the past over 40 years, NB has kept using natural supplements to help people improve health and wellness. From 2012 to 2014, Ecmoho has helped NB to realize sales from 0 to 200 million in the e-commerce marketing within 13 months.

Puritan's Pride

achieve top 3 in its categorywithin 6 months

Founded in 1960, it is the largest nutrition manufacturer in the world.All its products have passed US FDA certification. With 54 years' history, PP is the world-famous brand in dietary supplement. In terms of quality or price, the brand is always customers' top choice. In 2013, Ecmoho became the general sole agent of PP in China mainland area, covering all sales channels in both online and offline form. 


realize 300% growth within 2 months

Weyth is one of World Top 500 enterprises and one of the largest medicine and healthcare companies based on R&D in the world. Since 1980s when it entered into Chinese market, it has developed greatly. Up to now, Weyth's business in China covers nutrition food, OTC drugs and prescription medicine. In 2013, Ecmoho started to cooperate with Weyth in selling its products such as Centrum, Caltrate and pronutrient. When it was launched into online, great breakthrough has been made. It succeeded 300% growth in the year and becomes the No. 1 Tmall brand in calcium.    


help it be No.1 brand in imported sportnutrition food

Metrx is a top sport nutrition brand under NBTY and it is also the global leading brand in sport nutrition supplement. As the outstanding sport nutrition brand with Whey protein products as the source , Metrx is the favorite of world's top athletes, Hollywood stars and people that like sports. Its series of products of protein, amino acid, muscle strengthening are widely used as nutrition supplements for athletes and common people.  Ecmoho offered a set of marketing scheme, aiming at making it the top brand of imported sport nutrition products.      


achieve No.1 market share intraditional nourshing category

The time-honored brand Leiyunshang was founded in Suzhou and developed in Shanghai.Established in 1734, Leiyunshang already has over 300 years' history. After the China policy of opening up and reform, it showed up as a leader in Chinese medicine through asset regrouping and cooperation. It owns very strict quality guarantee system, including GAP standards, raw material sourcing, GMP standard manufacturing base. In 2013, Ecmoho helped it transform to offline sales and realize No.1 sales in its several products.   

Pure Canterbury

No.1 combined marketing schemein all onlines sales channels

Pure Canterbury is born nobly.It is the outcome of the cooperation between Chinese dairy expert Brightdairy and South Globe's largest milke powder maker Synlait in Nov., 2010. Pure Canterbury was launched into market in Shanghai in Dec.,2011. It is coined as 100% New Zealand milk powder for infant, pregnant and lying-in women. Clean milk source, special formula for Chinese babies and Silver Fern Farm certificate are its outstanding features. In 2014, Ecmoho offered a set of marketing scheme, aiming at making it the high-end leading brand in Chinese infant formula milk powder.