Ecmoho’s culture is according to the spirit of , there are heavy responsibilities that we have long way to go

It’s a long way that we keep going up and help people.

Ecmoho was been built in 2002, from a 4A advertising company to a professional e-commerce company, we took the adventure and improved on develop strategy, main business, general style etc., it was a challenge to everyone, but we have resolved the difficulties, got high performance and still keep going. We took advantage of the hard road, built an innovative team which have strong willing to develop, and provided high quality e-commerce services to many brands in China or oversea. Through the whole journey, we feel grateful.

Ecmoho: Charity & Donation

Public welfare activities: Ecmoho hold an activity on “Children’s Day” about donation for migrant laborers’ children

1-Jun 2013 is a milestone for Ecmoho, we hold an public welfare activity called “Fly our dream in the sunshine”about donation for migrant laborers’ children.

A child from Anhui province which suffered of autism performed ‘the piano solo ‘Country’. He is a grade 6 student in Qingpuchenxu private primary school, developed and past the 8th level piano test under help. He is good at painting and the pictures have been bought by Chinese and foreigners. He is friendly, positive and brave, practices taekwondo and swimming, his parents are very gratified that he becomes more independent.

31 children performed and 800 children watched the activity. Companies and individuals brought schoolbag, food, school supplies which valued 340thousand RMB to them, children felt grateful.

In this public welfare activity, Ecmoho represented Nature’s Bounty(belongs to NBTY group USA, one of the brands which we provide services for) donated health food around Disney theme.